Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Resolution Stats 1.6

Weight bounced up 0.2kg yesterday. So now my BMI is 25.19, my weight is 71.1 kg, and my Wii Age is 26. It is the 7th tomorrow, so let’s see if I have met my goal my weight is below 70.5 kg. Somehow I doubt it, although I have had a busy day helping a friend of mine shift, and have only eaten 2 eggs on toast, a Subway™ Sandwich, and a pottle of yogurt all day.

No progress on tasks today, still only 24, but helping a friend is a good excuse. The bright side is I haven’t thought of any new tasks to add.

Tramping tomorrow. White’s Gorge and the 3 Deans. The forecast is for a very hot day, and as this day finishes walking down the Waipara River, it should be a good day for it. I’ll write up a report about it tomorrow (and maybe some photos).

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