Monday, 5 January 2009

Resolution Stats 1.5

Progress at last, I have lost 1.4 kg! This puts my BMI at 25.12, my weight at 70.9 kg. My Wii Age this morning was 25. So good stats all round. I have only 0.4 kg to lose before I reach my goal, and I am finally in the normal weight range.

On the task list side I have 24 Active Tasks. That is 2 tasks completed, and 5 new ones added. Never mind, I am going backwards fast here. Still it is the tasks getting completed that are the important things. I made good progress on a third task, cleaning the downstairs room. It has been emptied out, now just waiting for it to be dried out (after the storm on Sunday) before cleaning, and then I will make it my home gym.

So it has been a busy day.

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