Friday, 2 January 2009

Resolution Progress

I am using my Wii Fit to measure my weight and track progress, and in the 100 days that I have been using it I have managed to reduce my BMI down from almost obese, to what it is now which is overweight, but just above the normal range. Although my long term goal is to reduce my weight down to a BMI of 22, my immediate goal is to reduce my BMI to below 25, so I am inside the normal weight range for my height.

Of course the Christmas/ New Year season has not helped, but I have still managed to keep my weight under control.

My weight this morning was 72.2 kg, or a BMI of 25.58. My Wii Age (based on a couple of balance exercises) is 33. Not bad.

I have set a goal for the 7th to have a weight of 70.5 kg, which is a BMI of 24.98. We will see how I go.

I have one job application in at the moment, so this is small progress on my goal of actually getting some income.

I have 25 active tasks on my task list. Hopefully I should get rid of a lot of the routine ones today (basically housework), so this number should look better tomorrow.

This week is planned. I have not been following the plan perfectly (hence this blog restarting today and not yesterday), but I am following the original plan reasonably closely.

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