Sunday, 4 January 2009

Resolution Stats 1.4

I will go mad if I have to come up with an original name for these stats every day so I will use the Resolution Stats title.

The Wii Fit says my weight went up yesterday and extra 100g. Not much of a rise, but still not a drop. I will try skipping tea tonight and see if that jolts my body into burning fat. So at the moment my BMI is 25.62, my weight is 72.3 kg, and my Wii Age is 33. It goes up and down a lot, so long as I keep it significantly below my actual age I am happy.

I still have 21 tasks on my list. I completed a small task (refreshing my emergency water), and added a big task.

I have flooding in the downstairs room of my house, due to a massive downpour we had yesterday, so I need to dig a drain to stop it happening again.

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