Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Resolution Stats 1.21

For some reason I could not view my Blog yesterday, so I could not do an update. Never mind, the last couple of days have been quite good.

My Wii Fit stats are BMI 24.84, weight 70.1 kg, and age 36 years. My weight has almost got down the were it was before I went to Timaru. Maybe tomorrow I will start making progress again.

23 Active Tasks. The 37 active tasks in an earlier post was a mistake caused by my handheld PC not syncing properly with my desktop. 23 is pretty good. On Tuesday I cleaned the windows on the outside, put up the extra cladding, and cleared out the ditch, did some gardening and swept the paths. I ran out of time to clean the car, so will do that tomorrow.

I have started looking for someone special on the web site Findsomeone again. I have managed to establish contact with a couple of interesting women, so I’ll see how that goes.

Also I have got a job interview for a job as a hydrologist with the Regional Council. Excellent, this should be an interesting job and a good lifestyle. Seems I have been selected for an interview from over 100 applicants, but there is a big difference between getting an interview and getting a job. The interview is on the 2nd Feb. I have also been contacted by someone regarding a contract for software testing. It doesn’t rain but it pours. I will have to make a decision (or find a way to have my cake and eat it).

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