Saturday, 4 April 2009

No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

I was doing the housework yesterday, and had decided to take a break, when I noticed a cop car sitting in the street outside my house with its lights flashing.  I had better investigate I thought.  So I climbed up the stairs to the street and noticed a fire truck further up.  Is one of my neighbours on fire? I wondered.

Then I saw the milk truck, over the side of the bank, and resting against a neighbours tree, just above his garage.  No ambulances, or any sign that anyone was hurt, just the milk truck and the tree.

It took 3 tow trucks (one with a Hiab crane), 1 fire engine and 2 cop cars all afternoon to sort the mess out.  What had happened was the milkman had got out of his truck to deliver some milk, when the truck took off down the hill without him.  He was really fortunate that it had hit the tree, and not a person, a house, or another car.  I was lucky it did not come down my driveway and wreck my car.

It did manage to take out the letter boxes of about 4 of my neighbours.

I do pity the milkman though.  It must be hard enough to make a living as it is with that job.  Now he has to contend with the fact that the days delivery schedule is out the window, a lot of spilt or wasted milk, the truck being out of action, the damage to the truck, the damage to the neighbour’s property, the tow fees and whatever prosecutions the police decide to make.  He did not have a good day and was looking rather glum.  I hope he is well insured.

I did manage to get him some water to drink, and some phone numbers he wanted over the course of the afternoon, and he kindly gave me a few bottles of flavoured milk.

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