Wednesday, 3 September 2008

It's what we do on Wednesdays

On Wednesdays I go tramping with the Avon Tramping Club. Today was a Norwesterly day which means warm weather (for early spring) with high cloud. The tramp was a simple one from Bottle Lake Forest Park, to Spencer Park, and on to Brooklands, and then to return.

Seven people turned up for the days tramp, with Les as our leader. Les is in his 70s, and very fit. Not fit for his age, fit for any age, although now arthritis is starting to slow him down.

Bottle Lake Forest Park, in Christchurch, is a valuable recreational asset for the city. Essentially it is a Pine Plantation, and some of it is a landfill. Does not sound like much of an asset, but the whole area is a maze of walking, running, mountain biking and horse riding tracks. During the day, we made use of all of these types of tracks, as well as walking along the beach, and Brooklands Lagoon (shown in the photo).

We had morning tea in Spencer Park, which is a large open space near the beach with picnic and camping facilities, and a small petting zoo. Then onward alongside the inland bank of Brooklands lagoon to Brooklands township, around the town on the stopbank near the Waimakariri River, then through a right of way past a horse paddock (after feeding the horses some grass in return for stroking their necks and noses) and through Brooklands to a park for lunch.

After lunch it was all the way back again to the Bottle lake Forest carpark, and on to a local cafe for some Humming Bird cake and a laté.

So at the end of the day I have aching legs (soothed by a hot bath), and memories of a fun day spent with good company.

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